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We provide our clients with a clear, proven road map to “union-proof” your organization by building an engaged,high performance team of associates that renders a labor union irrelevant.
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Union Vulnerability Assessment

The Union Vulnerability Assessment is a proprietary tool for measuring your vulnerability to unionization from three perspectives.

  • The risk of your employees seeking union representation
  • The risk of your business being targeted by union organizers
  • Your leadership team’s capability to execute a union-proofing strategy

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Union-Proofing Your Organization

Keeping unions out of your organization is something that has to be earned every day. The bottom line is trust. If your employees trust that you have their best interests at heart, and you can consistently demonstrate it, the likelihood of a union getting a foothold is greatly reduced. If your employees do not trust you, it’s only a matter of time before someone picks up the phone and calls a union organizer. In this post Employee Free Choice Act world, you cannot afford for that to happen.

We know unions at PeopleWorks. We know how they think, how they act, how they organize and why employees turn to them. With our help you can act immediately and with a sense of strength and confidence that you are doing the right things at the right time to protect your organization from harm. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you “union-proof” your organization despite the EFCA.

  • Measuring for Vulnerability
  • Analyze the data
  • Identify the specific vulnerabilities
  • Prioritize the needs
  • Develop the Action Plan
  • Prepare the management team for communications campaign
  • Prepare the organization to know what to do next
  • Execute the communication campaign
  • Evaluate the process
  • Close the loop with new measures

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Union Prevention Campaigns

  • Develop honest and factual union-free communication campaign strategies
  • Prepare supervisors to communicate union-free message legally
  • Communicate union-free message to employees
  • Evaluate results
  • Union card nullification strategies
  • Truth, trust and transparency as primary union-free management tools

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Union Crisis Services

  • Stop card signing campaigns
  • Countering bad publicity
  • Media relations strategies
  • Expedited union prevention campaign services
  • Union specific opposition research

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Compliance Strategies

  • Educate your leaders on the National Labor Relations Act
  • How to avoid unfair labor practice charges
  • Develop pre-emptive policy and procedure strategies
  • How to deal with the National Labor Relations Board

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Union Relations Transformation

  • Measure the company/union environment to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify root cause issues creating a hostile and adversarial relationship with the union
  • Develop a strategy to build a partnership with union employees and union leadership
  • Equip leaders at all levels to execute the strategy

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Union Contract Negotiations

  • Develop a bargaining strategy based on win/win principals
  • Negotiate a management rights clause that maximizes operations effeciencies
  • Bargain for competitive wages and benefits in line with the clients industry and location
  • Minimize management man hours in the process
  • Ensure an agreement is ratified within 90 days while eliminating the possibility of a strike

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Strike Management

  • Rapid deployment of a strike management team within 24 hours
  • Identification of root cause issues
  • Develop a bargaining strategy that addresses and resolves problem areas
  • Develop a striker replacement strategy
  • Develop a union relations transformation strategy

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Employee Satisfaction & Engagement Surveys

  • Develop customized surveys to identify critical employee issues that create barriers to high levels of employee engagement and performance
  • Facilitate focus groups to validate statistical results and provide more detailed information
  • Work closely with clients to prioritize issues and develop action plans for improvement
  • Participate in the execution of the action plans as required by the client

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